Raisin’s Valentine Day Toys

There was a sale at Petsmart yesterday, where you can buy 2 toys and get the 3rd toy for free.  We brought Raisin along so he can ‘pick out’ the toys he wanted.  Almost immediately, he became fixated on the Kong Ballistic Action Pinwheel and wouldn’t stop staring.  We knew that’s a toy he won’t get bored of easily.  Also, everyone at the store marveled at how well behaved he was; the comment we most often received was – “He is so calm!”


We also got him a Chuckit! Flying Squirrel and Chuck it! ball, for when the weather gets better and we can play outside with him.  He LOVES to chase balls; the Chuckit Flying Squirrel seemed like an interesting twist on the traditional frisbee.


Since we also had a $5 off coupon, we re-stocked Raisin’s favorite evening snack – beef raw hides in individual serving sizes.

These are apparently good for your dog's dental health - to prevent tartar build up.

These are apparently excellent for your dog’s dental health as they prevent tartar build up.

The Kong Pinwheet toy is soft like a stuffie but it’s made out of a tough heavy duty material.  It is most definitely well worth the money as Raisin hasn’t managed to tear it open yet.  We had to supervise him of course, and any time that we saw him holding the toy in his paws and yanking on it, we’d step in and stop him immediately.  So far, this toy has lasted way longer than the other two stuffies that we bought him.

We’ve learnt that if Raisin’s not sufficiently tired out, or if he’s bored, then he’ll find his own fun and the results are not fun for anyone in the household.  Fifteen minutes later, he was completely tired and willingly laid down to relax.


Raisin’s Viking Hat

We asked for a handmade Viking Hat for Raisins for Christmas.  After much anticipation, it finally arrived (thanks Sue!).



Although we think it looks hilarious on him, we don’t think he’s amused.  But he tolerated it.

Front profile.

Front profile.

We could do without the tassels.  One of the tassels fell out after Raisins shook his head around for a few seconds (he was trying to shake the hat off his head). But it’s still a cute hat none-the-less.

Full view.

Full view.


Raisin’s new bow tie

Raisin got to wear a new outfit the day after Christmas.  He received a preppy handmade plaid bow from John’s mom, and a child’s sweater that we’ve been saving for a few weeks.


Look at that face…

I have all new respect for professional pet photographers.  It was not easy trying to Raisin to look at the camera, while simultaneously figuring out the best camera angle to use.


Argyle sweaters seem to suit him the best.  This is his second argyle sweater.


After 10 minutes of this, we could tell he’s had enough and wanted to go back to resting on his favorite bed.



…til the next photo shoot (when his viking hat arrives)…



Week 7 with Raisin

It’s been 7 weeks since we brought Raisin home, but it seems like we’ve had him for much longer.  I think he’s beginning to trust us more, has become more confident and is more willing to play.


This was taken during our 3rd week with him.

When indoors, his idea of play ball is to swat at the ball, hold it in his mouth and to run around the room for a couple of seconds.


Tennis ball inside John’s old sock.

He’s not terribly interested in chew toys either.  He barely touched the dental chew toy that we bought for him.


What we HAVE learnt is that he LOVES to chase his tennis ball outdoors.  We’ve only been able to do that twice at night, at the park close to where we live.  It’s amazing to see how fast he can run when there’s a ball involved.  We’re hoping to play frisbee with him in the summer.


We found that he’s even willing to be bathed as long as there is peanut butter involved.

It’s gotten to a point where on non-bath nights, he’ll follow John into the bathroom, walk straight into the empty shower, and simply stand there staring at the corner where his peanut butter is normally kept during baths.

His coat has become even silkier since we started bathing him regularly with doggie shampoo.

There was definitely an adjustment period for me (as well as for Raisin I’m sure) as I’ve never owned a dog before.  But he’s improving day by day.


He now knows how to sit and stay nicely while I prepare his food.  He also knows how to sit/down.

We are working on the beginning stages of ‘leave-it’, where as long as he looks away, he gets a kibble.

Our first hike at a local trail was not fun – he froze multiple times and we made it maybe a few hundred feet before having to turn around.  But now he loves hikes.  He’s so much happier on a trail than on city streets.

We’re still working on his bad counter surfing habits; hopefully we’ll curb that behavior.

All in all, things are improving and he’s becoming better behaved with each day (of course he has his moments but who doesn’t).


He looks so serious all the time, even when he is happy he looks like this.